Nelson Stark Safety

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The Nelson Stark Company has a dedicated approach to safe work performance from all employees regardless of tier. We believe safety is a lifestyle rather than a “to do while at work” philosophy.  Nelson Stark has consistently fallen below industry levels in the arena of workplace safety related incidents and injuries.  Our 2012 EMR is .68, which is well below the industry standard.
Some examples of a pro-active approach to safe performance of all work include the following:  

  • Dedicated full-time Corporate Safety Officer
  • Internal certified safety training for OSHA 30hr, asbestos awareness, trenching etc….
  • Task Specific Job Safety Analysis/Safe Plan of Action
  • Regular Jobsite Safety Surveys conducted by onsite Safety Supervisor and/or  
  • Corporate Safety Coordinator
  • Accident/Incident Analysis
  • Close review of OSHA logs to identify trends
  • Safety Incentives
  • Nelson Stark Safety Committee
  • Preplanning of tasks and phases closely with Owners and Prime Contractors

We have a great appreciation for our workforce.  Their individual health directly impacts our ability to be successful.  For this reason, we encourage only safe work practices and instill that attitude into our work culture.  We believe this has had nothing but positive impact to the well-being of our employees and the company.